Dead Island 2 Music

During development for DI2, our pulp tone was a central game pillar and the music direction took that as an opportunity to not just stand out from other titles, but to really embrace the thriver (not survivor) of the player characters.

Along with directing composers I worked with music licensors, implemented music systems and aligned music placement to drive us to deliver a coherent and empowering soundtrack.

Here is what critics have said about the soundtrack:

Dead Island 2 subverts its genre to make horror fun again – GamesRadar
Jasmine Gould-Wilson

“Music is your emotional conductor in Dead Island 2. It knows when to amp us up, when to heighten the tension, and when to make your stomach sink as you whisper sharp expletives under your breath. All of this is down to its impeccable use of music, and it helps chart your progression from fearful survivor to brazen, skull-stomping Zombie Slayer….
….Another gleefully fun early-game moment is ‘Room Service for Major Booker’, a main mission quest that pits you against a rampaging bride-turned-beefy Crusher. Swerving to avoid her punishing ground-pound attacks and whacking her with an electrified rake is all the better when you’re doing so to the tune of the aptly-named ballad, ‘Sad Wedding’.It’s a deft balancing act that few horror games dare to attempt, but Dead Island 2 proves that there’s plenty of fun to be had when you stray from the path and refute the rigidity of genre.”

Jasmine Gould-Wilson GamesRadar


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