About me

I’m a Sound Designer based in the UK, with experience working with video game clients around the world including BAFTA nominated team Flying Fox on the Occulus rift title: Levitate, and most recently Stormy Peak Entertainment on an unannounced title for Unreal Engine 4.

I recently had some of my works printed in Develop Magazine: (See page 54) http://ow.ly/S8ew3023yYC

I’ve also been working as course producer for ThinkSpace Education

I hold a BA in Creative Music Production, with First Class Honours.

Showreel 2015 – Matt Lightbound from Matt Lightbound on Vimeo.

Previously worked on:


Unannouncend (Stormy Peak Entertainment) Sound design, FMOD – UE4 Integration.
Levitate (Team Flying Fox) – Sound Design
Koru (HIHI Trust) – Sound Design, FMOD-Unity Integration
Kingdoms of Dawrdomar (i3D Games) – Sound Design, FMOD-Unity Integration
King’s Party, Orc Smasher (Alphapack Games Studio) – Sound Design, Composition, V/O Direction/Editing/Recording, V/O Direction/Editing/Recording

Depth films (Experimental 3D films, utilising 5.1/7.2 and binaural recording) – Set recording, Foley, Audio editing, Sound Design

Jodada (Short films, ‘Waiting for Ed’, ‘Blackmail’) – Set recording, Foley, Audio editing, Sound Design


Field Recording, V/O recording and direction, mixing formats (mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.2), binaural recording/processing, audio implementation, sound design, music editing and composition.

Software Experience:

Reaper, Sound Forge, Audacity, Logic Pro, FMOD, Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Cecelia

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