Scottish Ferry Recordings and their FMOD implementation

For New Year I was lucky enough to travel to the Isle of Tiree, and since I had just got my Rode Blimp, I thought I’d put it through it’s paces on board the car ferry.

Whilst I had to pick my moments to avoid my fellow passengers, I was able to get quiet a lot of solid recordings from different areas of the boat at different times, including docking and cruising speed.

It didn’t provide a great amount of difference when traveling between a stationary and cruising speed, so I’ve tried accentuating it in an FMOD event. I also separated a more windy take of the recording to use on a Height parameter, to represent the player pulling the camera back for a higher shot.


You can download the event here: DOWNLOAD

Or listen to the separated assets here: SOUNDCLOUD

Feel free to rip the assets out and use them yourself if they’d be useful to you. I have some more as well so if you’re in need of a car ferry ambience set, drop me a line.

Obviously I have to indulge some holiday photos as well, including the cow that liked grazing by the house every morning.