UI Example

An example of my UI audio working for a cartoony child demographic halloween game.

Pumpkin UI Example from Matt Lightbound on Vimeo.

When thinking of what audio I wanted to use, I decided to create a toolbox of audio both with my own libraries and new recordings to link directly with the pumpkin and halloween theme in the game. I used samples from the ‘Vegetable Massacres’ library from Sonniss and other ‘squelchy’ sources. I particularly like the sounds of peppers being stabbed, which gave a short satisfying crunch with a little bit of squelch to them. These sounds act as the main ‘mouse click’ in many of the assets, such as ‘accept’, ‘pause’ and as an extra bit of texture to the end of ‘New game’. I also took these samples and made a 10 second loop of vegetable crunching for an icky slimey effect to be used as the slider movement. If I was to implement the audio, I would want to put a velocity measurement on the sliders so I could raise the volume of the loops as they were dragged quicker.

For the halloween theme I wanted to use several sources; a menacing laugh, stabbing, wind howls/flocks of bats’. For the new game sfx, I used a pitched down male laugh that was processed with reverse reverb for a cheesy spooky feel, along with a crow for good measure..

In the cursor hover sfx, I used several layers of clothes being flapped and compressed them together before looping. This was to create the feel of a swarm of bats. If I was to implement the audio, I would like to have it going constantly, with the player hovering over the buttons bringing up the volume and when they move on having a very slow release so the jump is not too harsh.

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