Cathedral Bells Recording

So I’ve been living in Chichester the past few months. Every week I have heard the bells of the massive cathedral. I got in contact with the local bell ringing group and they were lovely enough to let me in for a listen. I did some preliminary recordings and plan to go back to get some better ones.

It’s fair to say I need a better limiter for the “close mics” in the bell chamber.

The recordings from the ringers room where interesting, but where spoiled somewhat by some chatting and the pull of the ropes. The most disconcerting thing about the evening however, was that the bells made the whole tower shake…

It wasn’t a pleasant experience carrying the equipment up these 100 steps when the building was literally swaying!


Once I’ve been back and edited them I’ll should be able to share them. I’d really love to do some round robins of each of the 8 bells. But I cant interfere with the bell practice too much.


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