A Journey Through FMOD: Part 5

To continue on from the last post that covers some details about transition regions, I thought I would include a demo of a recent track I did using FMOD.

SciFi Demo (Music) using FMOD from Matt Lightbound on Vimeo.

In this video you can see the track split into two sections, mystery, and danger. Like before these are navigated to by transition regions, however now two extra parts are used. First the transition regions are set to move on the beat (a crotchet or a 1/4note which ever takes your fancy), this is done in the transition properties them selves.

Next is the overlap between the sections which can be viewed by double clicking on the region. This reveals a 5 bar section that allows you to drag from the “past” points in the time line. When the parameter moves back to  below 0.33, it doesnt jump back to bar one, instead it enters a 5 bar phrase that has been arranged to blend the two sections together with crossfades and automation. This also allows me to bring in (or drop out) tracks faster than others.

The main reason however why I composed most of this in FMOD was because I wanted to experiment with Scatter sounds. There are two layers of scatter sounds mixing together to form a soundscape at the base of the track. I’ve found this more effective than creating a straight loop and allows me to be a little more creative too.

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