Recently I have been working on i3D Games new title ‘Kingdoms of Dwardamor’. A procedurally generated RPG with a really interesting low poly art direction. I’ve included a link to a video of a demonstration of some of the audio mechanics I had already implemented into the latest build. This build uses FMOD’s inbuilt distance parameters, Unity animation events as well as FMOD’s Snapshot abilities and Mixer window.

Here is a run down of what is going on in the video:

The ambience is built up of a wind loop and scatter sounds containing bird noises, wind accents and other animals. These are then triggered by the ‘interval between sounds’ module that can be seen at 1:23. This event is then attached to the player camera and panning is disabled. In FMOD you can also see a transition in the ambience event. This is intended for when the day-night cycle is implemented into the game. When the parameter ‘transition’ is raised above 0.5 the event moves to the night time transition area containing dark sound design ambience effects, differing bird species (crows) and crickets. The cricket scatter sound contains several long samples. The intention of this was to allow for night-to-day more gradual, allowing the crickets to bleed into the daytime transition for a short amount of time to create the idea of morning.

Footsteps are tied to animation events, much like the previous entry ‘Part 3’. These are also tied to the mixer group ‘Character’, which is also used for weapons and vocalisation.

Lastly we have the cave (what is meant to look like a cave, my amazing modelling skills could only provide a large box). The cave is made up of two elements. The first is an ambience sound set to a distance parameter the size of the cave itself. This also has no panner and contains scatter sounds for water droplets, and a eerie sound design effect. It also contains a Snapshot. This snapshot is a reverb for the area that is set to affect the ‘Character group’ mentioned before for footsteps. This was important to give the impression of space without effecting other audio tracks such as the ambience itself and events for UI ect. This snap shot also ducks the ambience for the outside of the game. When the player enters the zone, FMOD’s inbuilt distance parameter is told to simultaneously raise the Cave ambience and duck out the outside ambience.

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