Koru Music Environments

With Alphapack’s King Party now wrapping up, I have been able to work with the company HIHI Trust on their new Koru project. Koru is based around New Zealand folklore and mapsongs. Music plays a vital role in the feel of the project and we were given the mission of making the forest feel not just alive, but musical.

As a response to this objective, I have begun designing a system that allows for dynamic composition. As the project contains many composers contributing when they can, I wanted to enable them to work efficiently with each other. The system is intended to be placed on every individual tree. The tree then produces a single stem of an ambient composition, which then can be combined by many different compositions. This allows the player to effectively walk through the piece. I have attached a link to a quick video capture I did a few weeks back. The next stage is to add a constant layer of music to fill out the spaces the player takes between the audio events. After that I will include the different themes of the forest, such as angry and sad and demonstrate the dynamic changing.


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