King’s Party Diary One

So in my last blog entry I talked about composing music for a medieval suite. This is for a game called King’s Party. It’s a tower defence mobile game with a saturday morning cartoon art style by alphapack studios. I’ll have more information on release dates and prices when I have a meeting tomorrow.

This project also includes sound design for the game and I have been delving into both tower defence games and medieval games the past few weeks for research. Some of the magic sounds I have created include fire and ice attacks. These sounds were inspired by Skyrim, with the ice impacts being smashed glass and the fire ball a mixture of sounds including; bottle being blown across the lip, cellophane rustling and oil sizzling in a pan for the decay.

What was an important issue to address was were the sound would and wouldn’t be placed, games like ours and Kingdom Rush are from a top town perspective, meaning many things can happen at once and if you include too many sound events it would become muddy and uninformative to the player. Other games with a top down perspective have interesting approaches to their audio. Using priority and distance settings the Total war franchise only plays the detailed sounds when the player zooms close into the action. As such individuals on the battlefield are only necessary to hear when the player can see exactly what the sound correlates to. This would be an interesting system to implement into King’s Party but we will have to discuss the use of the player zooming close into the action. However this technique could be applied to other events, such as the importance of its action. An enemy goblin hitting one of you soldiers might not have much impact on the game as a whole, but if it sneaks past and manages to hit your life bar then you really need a way of informing the player what and where they have been hit incase they are to focussed on action else where. These kind of events can mean the difference between winning and loosing the level and it is important for the player to feel like they were informed of all the data to their playing so they do not feel cheated.

As tower defence games get pretty busy on screen, audio can be a great tool to signify important events going on. Kingdom Rush has a clear and precise audio announcement system. With signifying functions ranging from incoming enemies, special attacks, special enemies, cool down timers, pick ups, and upgrades. This is common use in many games however when delivered correctly can add a sense of achievement and power to the player. There’s a certain dread that kicks in when the music develops into a thumping drum rhythm to signify the approach of a new wave, and god like sense of power when you call in a huge magic attack that really sounds like you are blowing the enemy to bits.

I’m really excited for this project as it offers so much variety in it’s soundscape, the level design already looks great, and I will be able to compose music to so many different styles as well as a huge range of sound effects. Check out the facebook page to see the level design 🙂

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