Bioshock Studio and Wet Studio work

So last week I was working on the tracking for my audio replacement for the original bioshock trailer. (For the uneducated it’s a simply breath taking trailer and you can watch my WIP here

So first I tracked dialogue and some items in the studio and took some photos.

Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of the lovely Ciaran Hodges that lent his voice for andrew ryan’s opening speech. But you can see Cat doing some of the little sister takes (brilliantly I may add). But heres a photo of me recording some foley of a prop rifle which was a blast!

Then I took my zoom H4N to my bathroom. As rapture is a wet, leaky, and echoey place I felt it was worth wile doing some field recording in there. But to help give the reverb I needed for a large wet room I needed to do some prep.


So the bath and sink was filled half way, and then filled several containers with water to help the sounds bounce round the room and off deep water surfaces. Also for the heavier impact sounds would hopefully shake the room enough to get the water sloshing about. (in theory!).

As theres an underwater section to the video I needed the sound of water moving without it rippling on the surface to much. for that I used a towel being dragged through a bath.


This towel was then hung over the shower screen to allow the water to drip into the bath so I could record ambience.

The big dady’s footsteps were an interesting task. It had to be big, but not so big that it would compete with the impacts and the gun shots. It also had to have the effect he is in a rickety old diving suit.


So enter the duffle bag. First I wanted the weight, so i placed dumbbell weights in the bag and dropped it from varying heights. I decided to loosen all the fastenings on the bag to imply the movement of the whole suit. Next I climbed in the bag and put the straps over my shoulder and tried to walk round in it (don’t try this at home kids). This allowed me to capture more of a leg movement effect as well as the rattling of the bag.

Some of the metallic sounds were also captured here, such as the wrench (where I had to improvise) with this lovely device. Using some attached together and some loose gave the rattle of the mechanics.



This was probably the most fun I’ve had doing foley, and the two voice talents were really enthusiastic and encouraging to work with. Now for the design part of this!

Oh and I am having a showing of my 2001 audio replacement I mentioned last blog. It’s in Crewe’s Axis Art Centre.

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