2001: A space odyssey final stages

One of my biggest projects of the year is finally coming to a close. I have been in the studio the past week working on the final mixes. The mono is more for my own curiosity but it still would be nice to have.


Brief view of the foley process:

As this was an electroacoustic project, it was really grounded in foley. I spent around a month in the studio before a single sound was layed into the DAW. After several viewings of the original film I sat down with a list of concrete sounds and ideas for more abstract sound design. This ranged from; printers, chairs, breaking lightbulbs, metal springs, water/taps, heavy boots, guttural vocal sounds ect….

Sounds needed to be recorded from several feet away were done with neuman U-87s and the closer sounds such as the chairs and throat noises were doing with a mixture of dynamic microphones.

But it was the editing on this project that was an absolute blast. The majority of sounds had some tinkering in Cecilia5, (I have grown to love their EQ style effects with panning abilities). The program gives great ways of morphing sounds together and was particularly useful during the scenes where ‘Dave’ first starts to freak out.

I also discovered how fun making space ship sounds is. The doors were done with the printer sounds recorded in the studio then pitched down and then some field recording of a truck outside a friends house, giving the mechanical and engine effect.

But alas the final stage is here and more musical material is being mixed into the last of the truly abstract scenes and then I will be showing it at the Axis Art Centre for it’s first public showing.

Though you can watch it here on vimeo now:

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